Viagra Side Effects

Viagra vs. Heart

The tense heart is a more severe drawback of taking Viagra. When during a sexual intercourse your rate increases to high rhythms you can feel your heart getting heavier and pounding, etc. This feeling is more powerful if you have drunk alcohol before this. You should be careful with your heart as this might have a sad ending.

Viagra vs. Nervous System

About 16% of men who took Viagra during clinical trials reported headache.

About 2 % of patients felt dizzy or had the following nervous system side effects: depression, decreased reflexes, neuropathy, shiver, sleeplessness, drowsiness, anxiety, strange dreams, loss of sensors, pain in nerves and sensation of skin’s tingling, pricking, or numbness.

The most serious side effects in this category included temporary global memory loss and seizures.

Viagra vs. Respiratory System

4 % of patients reported nasal congestion when taking Viagra.

Other patients experienced cough, asthma, breathing problems, bronchitis, shortness of breath, increased sputum production, swelling of the sinuses, inflammation of the larynx, or throat.

Viagra vs. Digestive System

Common side effects in this group include diarrhea and upset stomach.

Less common cases include vomiting, gastritis, dry mouth, bleeding in the rectum, abdominal pain, difficulty in swallowing, irritation, or swelling of the esophagus (happens mostly to men who have idiopathic achalasia), atypical liver function tests, viral infection of the mouth, inflammation of the colon, periodontal disease, and infection of the tongue.

Viagra vs Musculoskeletal System

Bone pain and arthritis can also be caused by your ED drug (best medications review). Inflammation of the synovial membrane, arthrosis (joint), muscle weakness, tendon injury and tendon rupture are also among the side effects in this group.

Viagra vs. Urogenital System

Urogenital Problems

3 % of patients reported urinary tract infections.

2 % of men experienced breast enlargement, atypical ejaculation, urinary bladder inflammation, urinary frequency, the awakening from sleep at night to pass urine, inability to achieve orgasm, and genital edema.

Other unpleasant urogenital side effects include painful and long-lasting erections (that are 4-6 hours in duration). This can really damage man’s health and cause permanent loss of potency, thus it is important to seek medical help at once.

Viagra Skin Side Effects

The main drawback of taking Viagra (sildenafil secure pharmacy) is having its effect on your face. Your girlfriend can easily guess that you have taken this pill because your face skin reddens, your face is slightly swollen, your nose is stuffed making your breath difficult, and your eyes are red. This destroys the privacy of your treatment because everything is clearly seen on your face. This is very important on your first date when you want to impress your woman. But if your partner is aware of the fact you are taking Viagra you do not have to worry about being red in the face.

At least 2 % of men who were taking Viagra reported skin rashes. Other patients had the following skin problems: sweating, skin ulcer, hives, the swamps, widespread scaling of the skin, and contact dermatitis, facial edema, and herpes simplex virus infection.

Viagra and Blue Vision

Ocular (Blue Vision)

Sildenafil (Pfizer ED Tablets) affects PDE5 that is found in our retina (it is a multi-layered sensory tissue that is located the back of the eye) and can lead to color vision side effects and ischemic optic neuropathy development.

4 out of 5 men who didn’t have any vascular risk factors reported this problem after taking erectile dysfunction medication.

Some patients experienced mild and brief blue or green vision. Others had eye pain, blurred vision, cataract, conjunctivitis, dry eyes, discharge of blood within the eye, and excessive sensitivity to light.

Positive Effects

Your subconscious will save the memories of your successful sexual intercourse with Viagra (best ed pills for guys), and as a result you will become more confident in yourself. The result of such psychological therapy can be amazing. It can even help you get a natural erection the next time without taking any pills.


6 Responses to “Viagra Side Effects”

  1. AKE says:

    When i took Viagra I got headache straight awy and the following day.
    after the intercourse i fell very tried and slepery, but my dick stays up all night and morning…
    I do like to use a viagra because it make my sex goes really good and pleassnt however my wife also like it…
    if these issues can cause me or affect my health i would like to know…
    thank you

  2. dr kabir says:

    vagra tab is very unresponsive side effect one time u take not effective like 2nd time . and that drug not work in comen patent is like that indicated.

  3. Terry says:

    My nose becomes blocked.
    My vision becomes blue and blurred.
    I feel basically sick and not in the mood.

  4. Jim says:

    only headaches, and dizziness but very seldom…

  5. no more pills says:

    i hate all these pills
    my method is healthy way of life

  6. early bird says:

    only my head aches a bit – this is the side effect i experience